The Noel @ Whitwell Reward Card Terms And Conditions

The Noel @ Whitwell Reward Programme is a membership and loyalty scheme operated by The Noel @ Whitwell. The use of a ‘reward card’ constitutes your acceptance of these Terms & Conditions, so please spend a couple of minutes to read through them.

1. Becoming a ‘reward card’ Member

(a) The Reward Programme is open only to UK residents aged 18 and over & by invitation only.

(b) To become a member of the programme, you’ll need to submit a fully completed Application Form.

(c) The Noel @ Whitwell reserves the right to refuse any application, or cancel an individual membership at any time at its absolute discretion.

(d) If at any time your contact details change, it is your responsibility to advise The Noel @ Whitwell at the address below (see 6b).


2. The ‘reward card’

(a) Your Card can be used only at The Noel @ Whitwell.

(b) Your Card is not a credit, debit or cheque guarantee card.

(c) Cards are not transferable.

(d) Certificates and vouchers are redeemable only when presented with your Card.

3. Earning ‘reward programme’ Points

(a) You must present your Card at the time of purchase to qualify for any points.

(b) Points can be earned from each full pound spent on food & drink. Members will be notified of spend required to obtain points. (c) Some elements of spend may be excluded from the System, including private parties, weddings, block bookings & service charges.

(d) Points can only be redeemed at The Noel @ Whitwell.

(e) Points have no cash value and cannot be redeemed for cash.
(f) The maximum points that can be accrued in one visit can be no more than 100.

4. Reward Certificates (“vouchers”)

(a) You will receive Reward Certificates once you have accumulated a certain number of points. Once the correct amount of points has been acquired, certificates and/or vouchers will be issued to the postal / Email address given in the member’s application form. Certificates and vouchers will not be issued directly to the member.

(b) Only original certificates and vouchers will be accepted. Damaged or defaced or photocopied certificates or vouchers will not be accepted.

(c) Certificates and Vouchers are subject to these Terms & Conditions and to any conditions stated on the certificates or voucher.

(d) Certificates and Vouchers may not be used in conjunction with any other offers or promotions.

(e) Certificates and Vouchers will expire on the expiry date shown on the certificate or voucher. Expired certificates and vouchers are not valid and will not be replaced, nor will any points to which they relate be re-instated

(h) Vouchers are non-transferable and are only valid for the member.

5. Issuer’s Rights

(a) The Card is issued by and remains the property of The Noel @ Whitwell.

(b) The Noel @ Whitwell reserves the right to withdraw the Card at any time or refuse to replace the Card. Any points balance on withdrawn Cards will be lost.

(c) You must surrender the Card to The Noel @ Whitwell upon request.

(d) If you do not use your card in any 12 month period, The Noel @ Whitwell reserves the right to cancel the Card, with any points balance lost.

6. Cancelling a Card or Reporting it Lost or Stolen


(a) If your Card is lost or stolen, please obtain a replacement from The Noel @ Whitwell and ask them to transfer all your details and any points across to that new member card. If you should find your missing card at a later date then please ensure it is destroyed to avoid confusion. There may be a charge of up to £8.00 for a replacement card.

(b) You may cancel your Card at any time. Please return it to: The Noel @ Whitwell Reward Programme, The Noel @ Whitwell, Main Road, Whitwell, Oakham, Rutland LE15 8BW.

7. Data Protection


Personal data supplied by an applicant or a Cardholder will be held and processed by The Noel @ Whitwell to operate your account; to confirm, update and enhance our customer records; for statistical analysis; and to establish any Cardholders identity.

(a) The Noel @ Whitwell will not disclose data relating to Cardholders to any 3rd party agents or sub-contractors unless specified to do so by government enforcement agencies.

(b) The Noel @ Whitwell may use information about any applicant or Cardholder to send the applicant or Cardholder information about goods, services and/or promotions offered by The Noel @ Whitwell, which they believe may be of interest to the applicant or Cardholder.

8. General

(a) These Terms & Conditions shall be governed by English Law and you submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English courts to settle any dispute arising out of or in connection with them, the Card or the System.

(b) ‘The Noel @ Whitwell Reward Program’ is operated and managed by Indulgence (UK) Ltd.

(c) Indulgence (UK) Ltd reserves the right to vary these Terms & Conditions at any time without written notice to applicants, Members or Cardholders. This website will always contain the most recent and up to date version of these Terms & Conditions.

(d) Address for correspondence is: The Noel @ Whitwell Reward Programme, The Noel @ Whitwell, Main Road Whitwell, Oakham LE15 8BW