Your Wedding...


Celebrate your wedding at the Noel @ Whitwell and experience a venue that gives you years of professional experience that will ensure that this most special of days remains not only memorable, but is also tailored exactly to your requirements.

Our bespoke wedding service is just that, a wedding day planned to suit your individual requirements. We can make organising your day as stress-free as possible and can take care of everything for you from the tailor made menus, the exclusive venue, the accommodation, the wedding cake, the balloons, the photographer, the flower arrangements, the entertainment, the fireworks, the Rutland water cruises and much more to make sure you can enjoy every moment of your special day!

In essence the noel @ whitwell will strive to meet all your requests to ensure that your wedding will be a breathtaking affair for you and your family & friends to cherish.

From your first visit right through to your Wedding Day, we are absolutely dedicated to ensuring that every interaction you have with the noel @ whitwell will inspire confidence that your decision to choose us was the right one.