Rutland is one of the best kept secrets of the English countryside and is absolutely brimming with things to see and do whether you are a resident or visitor.  In fact, the county motto is 'Multum In Parvo', which means 'Much in Little'.

Built in the 1970s to supply water to the East Midlands and originally named 'Empingham reservoir', Rutland Water is now Rutland's most popular tourist attraction, offering activities for all ages.

The attractive 3,100 acre reservoir has an international reputation for providing a balance of sport, leisure and wildlife conservation and offers everyone the opportunity to try something new.

You can try sports such as windsurfing, rock-climbing or canoeing, hire a dinghy, bicycle or fishing boat, visit the Egleton and Lyndon nature reserves, or just relax by the water and watch the action around the 25 mile shoreline

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